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I've cleared my schedule for the next 13 Fridays to help retailers who want a video strategy session and a professional video done for a few of its products. Ship us your product, we film and deploy the assets to you. As a heads up, there's a 5 week turnaround for these videos as I'm doing it around paying clients. Get in touch below if you're interested or email

If you've got budget to produce video at scale, we can produce hundreds of video reviews for your products in a few weeks. In interested leave us a comment below or email

Lisa Guarnaccia
4 months agoMarch 25, 2020
Hi Michael & co,

I am the Sales Manager here at Humphrey Law Socks. We are a small business in Heathmont, Melbourne manufacturing the best ever socks you will ever wear!

As we are a small family owned business, we don't have a lot of resources and we all wear many hats. I do the social media and really am stumbling through it. I know the basics, yet feel the basics just isn't enough. And especially now that a lot of people are going to be relying on the digital age to survive during this very challenging time I want to ensure we can have our brand at the forefront of people's minds when they are needing socks. 

Sadly, our factory is reducing its staff and operating hours and I am fearful of what the future will hold for us.

If you are able to assist in anyway or offer words of wisdom, I would sincerely appreciate it. 

Please have a look at our website for more info on what we do. 

Many thanks,

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